Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hawk Will Never Die

Today begins yet another exciting season of college basketball for the Saint Joseph University Hawks.  I graduated from SJU in 1994/1995 and have had season tickets since that time.  I have suffered through the hard years of John Griffin and got to bask in the glow of "The Perfect Season" in 2004.  I even managed to make it to the almost-final four game when Jameer missed a last second shot and we lost to Lucas, Jr and Oklahoma St. 

Each season is a new beginning, a clean slate, an opportunity for returning players to show improvement and new players to impress us.  I love the beginning of the season.  All the hopes, all the dreams. 

Many of my fellow Hawk fans do a napkin schedule before the season starts.  They realistically look at every upcoming game and figure out which ones we should win and which we should lose.  Not me.  Every game is a potential victory. 

Just like work.  Every sales deal is a potential win.  Every new employee is a rookie and every once in a while, there is a restart that allows everyone to refocus and show their A-game.  We are just entering the final days of this "season".  4th quarter is upon us.  Big wins on the horizon and a new season starts January 1.

For now, though, its the beginning of the basketball season and I am just going to enjoy that for a little while.

The Hawk Will Never Die!!!

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