Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Calling Bullsh*t

The last time I saw a post with this title, Dave Dargo was calling bullsh*t when Oracle announced that they were going to provide Linux support as in, Yeah right, that's the problem, its the OS that's so damn expensive.

But, I am calling it for an entirely different reason.  What is up with companies that publish completely ridiculous press releases?  I am not going to tell you who the company is because they don't even deserve a mention, but here is a brief list of their newsless news: 

1.  In April, ABC Corp. announced that they were now a partner with a major player in the market and the supporting quote comes from the head of the major player's independent user group (which is a substantially large organization in and of itself)  Sounds important, huh?  NOT.  Turns out that they signed-up on the major company's website to be a partner and paid the $1500 fee.  End of story.  But, surely the supporting quote is something, huh? See next item.

2.  One week later, ABC Corp announces that the head of that independent user group has been named to the board of directors of ABC Corp and he becomes the mouthpiece of the organization while retaining his presidency of the user group.  (Ahhh, the bullsh*t continues)

3.  In May, ABC Corp announces the creation of a major consortium and has 4 founding members.  In this press release, they flaunt their "partnership" from above.  But, yet the other company refuses to acknowledge them.  But, still we are getting somewhere now, right?  Not really, read on.

4.  In July, ABC Corp announces that the Consortium is complete and it has major members but won't name ANY.  Oh, and it becomes clear that this is not a consortium, but rather a sales strategy.  All consortium members are going to pay ABC to have them do their voodoo.  Oh, wait, they also announce that this new "product" which they have been flaunting since April won't be delivered until the end of the year.

5.  And the coup de grace, ABC Corp announced that they would be presenting at the sales kickoff for the major company of which they are a partner.  WOW, I must be wrong.  There is something here, huh?  NOPE.  This company is sooo big that they actually have an exhibit hall for their sales kickoff and any of their partners can exhibit there for a fee.  (I told you they were a major company.)  So, there is no news here either.

Meanwhile, they have booked a whopping $90,000 in revenue for the first six months of the year.  Yep, you read that right, $90,000.  Oh, did I mention they were a public company?

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