Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello World!

I decided it is finally time to start a blog (and follow through).   What is the subject of this blog?  While I wish I could properly define the contents of the blog, I think it will define itself over time. 

I can tell you that this blog will be a mash-up (if you will) of my work, the overall technology market (especially open source) and my personal life. 

What work? Well, I am the Director of Product Strategy at EnterpriseDB.  If you have any Oracle databases, then you should definitely check us out.  EnterpriseDB Corporation  We are also the world's largest Postgres company and I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of time on that it in the near future.  Need a little info on Postgres (or PostgreSQL as it is called by the community?  The Postgres Resource Center

What personal life?  Well, there is a ton there.  I just had a baby boy on September 1, 2007!  Well, my wife did :)  But, more than than just talking about my wife and three beautiful children, I will try to stay on topic with personal issues as they relate to business.  But, who knows that may change.  I won't talk about my fish tank.  You can go here for some of that.

So, who am I?  Here is a little bio that I copied from someplace...

"Derek M. Rodner is currently the Director of Product Strategy for EnterpriseDB. Prior to joining EnterpriseDB, Derek held a number of marketing roles at Unisys Corporation, all related to Open Source and Linux for the Enterprise Server division. He was responsible for launching Linux for the company. In addition, Derek was the first elected Chairman of the DCL Marketing Board for Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), home of Linus Torvalds. Derek was also the founder and president of a business re-engineering firm for Fortune 500 companies."

More to come...

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