Friday, September 28, 2007

eBay was Hacked and I was almost a victim...

So, I was selling a Sony PSP on eBay and about 10 minutes after the auction closed last night I received the following email:

Real eBay Email

So, fine.  What a pain.  I thought it was because of some kid getting a hold of his parent's eBay account and not asking permission.

Then I get this email late last night: 


Fraudulent Email

What is interesting is that the second email (from PayPal) is really NOT from PayPal.  How do you know?  Well, there is an image missing for one.  Two the links are not correct and three, Why would Mark Wilson want me to send something to Nigeria?

Also, read the note about how the amount won't show up in my PayPal account until after I send them a tracking number and the email address is not an eBay or PayPal address.

Its not a bad scheme, but anyone who pays attention will see through it quickly.

Rumor has it that many many accounts were hacked earlier this week.  But, there was no press from eBay.  I guess they are trying to keep this one quiet.

Lewis Cunningham has a post about this on his blog as well.

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